IP Address not being picked up from natively integrated tool


We use a tool called convertflow to capture leads on our site - works a lot like the Hubspot leadflows tool, but was available before leadflows were a thing and does a pretty good job.

The tool integrates natively with Hubspot, so not a zapier issue.

When a user submits a form through this tool, despite us manually triggering a form submission in Hubspot, the IP address is picked up as united states (More specifically, Ashburn VA). We spoke to Convertflow and they are looking into things on their end, but have not found the issue, so it feels like something that this forum could help with.

The weird thing is that Hubspot clearly picks up other variables about the submission - such as original source, secondary source, and so on.

As an example - we had a user submit a form via convertflow on our blog. Their original source came in as Organic, which is correct, however their IP Country was united states. When they visited the site again 2 hours later to book a demo, their IP Country correctly switched over to South Africa (they have a .za email, so it makes sense that the south africa IP is the correct one).

Anyways, any thoughts are appreciated.


Hi @Gil_Resnick,

If no value is provided for IP address from the form submission, then the IP address will default to the IP of the server making the request to the HubSpot API. This IP is almost always that of a cloud service provider (for Ashburn VA, probably AWS). My gut would tell me that convertflow isn't sending the visitor's IP address when they send the form submission, so HubSpot is picking up their server IP.