Is a change in dealstage covered by the webhook?



this might be a stupid question, but I’m just starting out on the Hubspot API.

I’m looking to implement the auto creation of tasks, once a deal is reaching a specific dealstage.

My current understanding is:

  1. Dealstage is a deal property
  2. I could monitor for changes via the deal property webhook (
  3. listening on that and filtering on changes of the actual dealstage would allow me to submit new tasks via the engagement endpoint.

However: I’m not sure if my perception is correct. Could someone confirm that this would work?


@bsjut There is no thing as a stupid question!! What you have laid out there sounds correct. I will try on my end to create a working prototype. The reason I wanted to respond is to offer the idea of leveraging the workflow tool(if you have pro/enterprise) This might get you really close to what you want with way less work. You could kick off a workflow based on a certain deal property and create tasks from there as well.

So if a deal hits a certain stage then kick off workflow to create a task.


Here is what I had in mind via the workflow tool. Let me know if this helps or not.



thanks for the quick reply! I realize that there is the workflow tool in the marketing suite, but this is being implemented for a client that runs on Hubspot CRM + Pro sales licenses. It seems a bit overdone to go on a roughly 10k/year license fee just to get access to this feature. We’d rather implement it against the API ourselves.


@bsjut Totally agree with you on the price. So the good thing about setting up the subscription is you can filter there and won’t need to worry about it with your code.

So as you said before you can listen in for a payload from us on any change to that property and then create a task based off that.


okay, that’s already super helpful. I also just noticed that flow supports the Hubspot Engagement API endpoint. We’ll probably look at building a prototype with that.