Is it normal to have more than one hubspotutk cookies?


20 pm

I’m having a problem where activities are being tracked to the wrong account.


Hi @chhola,

the hubspotutk cookies are first party cookies specific to a domain, so it’s possible for there to be multiple hubspotutk cookies in a visitor’s browser if they’ve visited multiple domains with the HubSpot tracking code. For example, if you visit and get a hubspotutk token placed in your browser, that will be different from the hubspotutk token you receive from visiting your own site.


Thanks Derek.

If I want to make sure a session starts from a clean slate, do I just have to remove hubspotutk? Or all the other _hs* ones as well?


Hi @chhola,

Below is a Knowledge Base article discussing the different cookies that HubSpot places in a visitor’s browser. While there are a couple of additional _hs* cookies, the hubspotutk cookie is the one responsible for keeping track of a visitor’s identity. if that cookie is cleared, then subsequent tracked activities will not be associated with that visitor’s contact record anymore.


Thanks Derek.

I’m sending data with Segment. Let’s say I call Segment’s analytics.identify() twice on the same page/session as two different users respectively. Would the second call updates the hubspotutk cookies to the second user?


Hi @chhola,

Are you clearing the hubspotutk cookie on log out? That’s generally the approach I’ve seen people take. This prevents any activities from being associated with the wrong user due to multiple users using the same browser. If you don’t do that, it’s possible that multiple users using the same browser might associate with the same token.


I’m not clearing the cookie on log out. The reason for this is because there is no log out in the process that I’m trying.

I have a “log in as” feature where admin can log in/switch between different accounts without having to log out. Every time the admin “log in as”, I call analytics.identify() on the new logged in user.