Is it, or is it not, possible to synch timeline events?


Hi there,

I'm in the process of building an integration between our own CRM system and Hubspot. One major thing for the users would be the possibility to synch timeline events to keep track of everything a contact has received and done in both systems.

From what I've learned this far, this is not possible using the API. BUT when I got hold of the documentation for the salesforce API: documentation
It seems like you are able to do it using their integration (I got it from a user demanding that I fix it since salesforce could...). Do they have access to some not yet official part of the API which I can wait for or have I just missed something somewhere in the API and forums?


Hi @Bjorneb,

Happy to help.

You haven't overlooked anything — it still isn't possible to retrieve timeline events in this way.

This has been a longstanding request, though, so I recommend upvoting and commenting on this HubSpot Community idea following these best practices.

I believe the Salesforce connector combines some of the following APIs for a rough "timeline sync:"

  • The Get a contact endpoint returns form submission meta data (including timestamps) when formSubmissionMode=all is appended.
  • The Get email events endpoint can return send, open, and click events for HubSpot marketing emails for specific recipients.
  • The CRM Associations API can be used to get engagements (which include sales email sends) associated with a given contact. There is no Email Events API for sales emails, so I'm not quite sure how Salesforce gets sales email open and click events. Perhaps the connector uses the Recent sales email [open, clicked, replied] date property, as Connor mentions here.