Is it possible to get customers by lastmodifieddate?


I am attempting to integrate HubSpot with my companies product. And instead of sending many requests to get all the “recent” contacts, then parsing out the ones since the last request, I would like to just get the contacts that have been modified after the last one.

E.G, I want to get all contacts that have a lastmodifieddate > 1468527842219.

Also, is it possible to create/update contacts in bulk?

Sorry if these are easily tested, but I am on a tight deadline to get my report in, and I have about 4 hours of HubSpot experience.


Hey @Solution,

The get recent contacts endpoint doesn’t accept a timestamp parameter, so you’ll need to parse the response filtering by timestamp > 1468527842219.

There is a batch create/update contacts endpoint:



I was afraid of that. From the look of things there is no sortby option, either. Do you know the order the results are returned?



Looks like the response is sorted in descending by last modified date.


That is a relief. Thank you very much for your help.