Is it possible to update a Deal's StageID via the API?




I’ve had a read through the Pipeline & Deal API pages but can’t seem to find any method that would let me update the current stage of a deal. Is this something that is possible?

So as an example I have a deal in a pipeline at stage “Appointment Scheduled”. Programatically I want to move that deal to stage “Qualified To Buy”.

Thanks in advance,


@NicMRawson You can update the deal stage through this endpoint here. Just note that the deal stage in not the default pipeline might not be the english name of it.


Thanks for the response!

So can I just send a ‘stageId’ property with the value of the stage I want it moved to? Sorry this might seem like a daft question there’s just no mention of stages there.



@NicMRawson if you look at the docs, you can tell it in the JSON you pass in to the PUT call dealstage and place the stageid value in there.