Is the number of contacts and vid-offset returned by contacts/all immutable?




I just have a few questions about the get all contacts API endpoint.

If I make multiple calls to /contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all with the same vidOffset, would it always return the same contacts set?

For example, if I make that request with a specific vidOffset and it returns me 100 contacts, will it always return me the same 100 contacts and would each of them have the same vid if I make the same call later?

Also, assuming it is fixed, would it always return me the same vid-offset? That is, if I make multiple requests to that endpoint passing in the same vidOffset, will they always return the same vid-offset independently when those requests are made`?

I’m planning on making an initial linear scan through all contacts following vid-offset for each page, then only recording all the vid-offset, and later only updating my data by making requests for only the vid-offsets I have. Would each call with a vid-offset return the same set of contacts no matter when I make that request?

I understand that you also have a get recently updated contacts endpoint, but the method I described will fit our goals better.

Thank you!


Hi @dutra

Contact records and vids aren’t always created in numerical order, so there’s no guarantee that that the same vidOffset will return the same set of records in a future request. If you’re looking for updated records, you’d need to use the recently updated endpoint, since using the new/highest vidOffset would not necessarily return the newest records, and it would not account for any existing records that were updated.