Is the properties in deals can be extendend?


We want to append a lot info into one deals, the structure is something like below:

I want to know if this is possible with the pro plan? Or there’s some work around?



@julie Are you just looking to make a custom property for each of those data points?


Hi @pmanca,
It is like custom property, but I want the property is a object or array. Not only a string. Can hubspot do it?


@julie We don’t have the exact idea of an object or an array for a property. If it is going to be the same set of elements for each time you could use a checkbox property to decide if that element is in that instance of your array or not.


Thanks @pmanca, Unfortunately it is not. We want to append object and array dynamically. is there any other workaround?


@julie Do you mind expanding upon the use case a bit? With more context I will try and think of a work around.