Is the Timeline API Specific to an Application and not a Portal?


It looks like timeline types and properties are specific to the application id, hopefully someone can tell me I am wrong.

Our application is used by hundreds of customers. So am I correct in assuming that all of our customers will see the same timeline ‘types’ and ‘properties’? If one customer defines an event type and properties, all of our customers will see that ‘type’ and set of properties?

Is there a way to prevent this visibility and make event types and properties specific to the portal and not the application?


Hi @Joshua_Solomon,

That’s correct, event types/properties are application-specific, and are shared amongst all portals with that application installed. It’s currently not possible to create portal-specific event types, though I can see the use case for that. I would recommend posting to the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community so that our product team can read your use case: