Is there a difference between the API for Hubspot Marketing vs Hubspot CRM?


Looking through the API documentation, I can’t tell if there is a difference between the CRM vs Marketing API reports. Are all the reports for both in this one place, or is it just for the CRM? Essentially, where do I find the endpoints for Hubspot Marketing / which ones in the API documentation are for Hubspot Marketing?


@jzippro There is no difference between the HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing from an API perspective. Are there any specific endpoints you are trying to locate?


Thanks for your response! Yes, we are trying to pull in any information that HubSpot Marketing uses, so we are looking for all the endpoints that HubSpot Marketing uses. Is that all of them? Or are there some that HS Marketing doesn’t utilize?


@jzippro Here is a link to the docs:

Most of them apply to marketing, some will apply to the CRM. You should know by looking at the API if you want that info or not.