Is there a Hubspot API to get most popular blogs for a certain topic or period of time


I was looking through the Hubspot API guide and wanted to find a way to pull a list of most popular blogs from each topic/within a certain period.

I do not see pageview/popularity as a parameter option in the API guide.

Am I missing something or is this not possible? Or is there walkaround for that?


Hi @yidan621,

Popularity/page views aren’t included when pulling blog posts using the COS Blog Posts APIs. It’s not currently possible to pull total page view info for particular blog posts.


Thanks Derek! It will be great if Hubspot includes this in the Blog API, or having some sort of Analytics API available.

We have an auto twitter generator that repopulates the spreadsheet with top blogs. We are currently using Google Analytics API to pull data based on pageviews for our blog in general, but wanna to be more specific about blog topics/tags, as well as data about click rates and so on. Do you have some insights on how best to accomplish that?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @yidan621,

I’m not currently aware of any plans to implement an analytics API or to introduce that type of information to the blog APIs. With regard to your second question: You can use the List blog posts endpoint with some optional parameters to get a blog post’s related tags, and then use that in tandem with your Google Analytics information to get the most popular blog posts in a given tag.