Is there a .net wrapper for hubspot API?


thus far, i’ve been doing this on my own, but curious if there’s a wrapper out there for .net that i’m not finding on google…

this is the only thing i’ve seen, and it’s 5 years old:


@cre We don’t have any up to date wrappers for .net, I am not aware of any non HubSpotters who I can offer up as well in addition.


Ok I didn’t think so just figured I’d ask…


never hurts to ask! It is an idea I have floated around if it would be worth is for us to build out a couple wrappers for some of the more popular languages.


Here’s another idea:
Provide a Swagger spec of your API which can then be used to generate client libraries for .net and other platforms.


Yes, in fact I was just learning today about HubSpot.NET from some open source developers. I have yet to use, so I can't attest to how it works yet; but my team and I are talking about contributing and it is another option at least.