Is there a practical example for retrieving all Contacts?


I've got the task of populating SQL with all 711 properties of our ~561,000 Contacts.
From everything I've read, the only way I can do that is by either breaking down my request in the API to limit the number of properties, or by grabbing each individual Contact By ID. We have 676 Lists under Contact if I were to try this by Get Contact List - however it doesn't guarantee me all 711 properties of each Contact that I can see from the API documentation.
With only 40,000 API requests per 24 hours, and other systems already tapping into my company's HubSpot instance, what practical options do I have to complete this task?


Hi Kevin,

I'm curious- is there a reason you wouldn't just use the in app export to CSV function? Do you have to use the API For this?


Hi Leif,

To be honest - I wasn't aware that was available. I've only just briefly started to look into HubSpot so I'm still trying to figure things out.
That would actually be the perfect solution to my current problem. Moving forward, I won't need to worry about full historical data in the day-to-day ETL process I want to run. Thank you!


Hey Kevin! Happy to help :slight_smile: Just export out your contacts and include every property in the export. That'll get the job done.