Is there a way to delete secondary email address via API?



recently HubSpot introduced feature which allows contact to have multiple (secondary) emails, so now if contact (bound by cookie) refills any form with different email, its new email address is added as secondary (rather than just changing email to new - like it was in the past). Unfortunately this new behaviour damaged our integration

Can we somehow delete this secondary email address via API (for example by editing “identity-profiles” JSON) ?

The second question is, is there a way to disable this new feature on form or globally in HubSpot ?

Thank you.


@przemyslaw.celej I know we just released the secondary email feature recently. Let me reach back to the right team on my side so I can get you the right answer.



At the moment secondary emails are not supported through the API.
There is also not a way to turn off the secondary email feature.

To answer your point in your first paragraph, The second form submission would become the primary email and not the secondary.


If you are experiencing a different result please reach out to support and see if they can help .



Thank you for pointing it out.

Is there any plan to add API for manipulating secondary email addresses ?
Or do you know any workaroud to create new independent contact with email address equal to secondary address of already existing contact ?

Also disabling this feature entirely would be a big help.

This is pretty important for us because currently we can’t operate on such “secondary” contacts (even mass emails aren’t send to secondary addresses !).




There is a plan but I wouldn’t expect anything imminent as of today.

I’m not aware of any workaround since you cannot remove the contact’s secondary email via the API at the moment.

Do you mind expanding a bit on your use case as to why this is such a problem? I’d be happy to pass it along to Product for you.



Thank you for answer.

The problem with secondary emails is, that in our company HubSpot is also CRM and analytics tool, and it frequently happens that secondary email is NOT new email of the same client, but it is completely new client (different person with different phone number, living in different place) which just once filled some form using firend’s computer/phone. This secondary email is effectively not present in HubSpot.

@pmanca please inform me if API for editing secondary emails will be available (even in beta phase).

Thank you.