Is there a way to have a workflow compare contact properties?



We currently are having difficulty automating the "true up" of two contact properties, comparing one to another. It would be best to have this done at the workflow level.

Is there a way, with Hubl or otherwise, to check properties on a single contact record and modify by the rule below?:

IF Field X != Field Y, change Field X to Field Y's value.

Thanks for any help regarding this problem!


Hi @Michael_Yates,

There currently isn't a way to accomplish this in-app with workflows or HubL, however I have two thoughts:

  • If you just wish to make the two properties match, couldn't you implement a workflow action that copies Contact Property Y to Contact Property X? That way, the values would always match and you wouldn't need to compare them.
  • You could use the Contacts API to pull these properties and implement logic on your server to compare the two and update Contact Property X accordingly.