Is there a way to HubSpot to be notified by and external application


I have the following requirement. I need emails to be sent after Xmin and XXmin after a user first login in my application. Is there a way to notify Hubspot of such events, like a login ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @alexmreis,

I can think of three ways to "notify" HubSpot of a login action so that you can launch a workflow to send emails:

  1. Create events with the Timeline API every time a user logs in. This method requires the most work up front, but is the most sustainable in the long run.
  2. Submit a HubSpot form with the Forms API when users log in. You can then use this form submission event as the enrollment criteria for your workflow. Be careful, however, as using this method may trigger reconversion notifications every time any user logs in depending on how it's set up.
  3. If you have an Enterprise-level subscription, you can create a custom event and trigger it with the Events JavaScript API when users log in. This is the easiest method if you have an Enterprise-level subscription.


Thank you so much for your reply Isaac.
The main problem here is that the event that will trigger the email sending is when the user logs in for the first time and only have this information on our backend. Do you know if there would be a way to do this with only the rest APIs.

P.S : We do have an enterprise level subscription.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @alexmreis,

To confirm, you wish to only send these emails when users log in for the first time? If so, this shouldn't be a problem — you can still use any of the three methods I outlined above and create a workflow with re-enrollment disabled. That way, contacts will only receive the emails the first time they meet the workflow's criteria (timeline event, form submission, or custom event).