Is there a way to trigger a HTTP post when a contact clicks on an email button?


Hi, I’m relatively new to hubspot. The developer that used to work on the hubspot integration at my company no longer works here, and myself and 1 other developer are trying to figure this stuff out. The owner here wants to know in real time when a contact clicks on a button in an email. Is there a way to add a http post to an email button click? We have forms that send us information this way when a contact clicks an email button which takes them to a form to fill out, but in some cases we want to cut out the middle man.


Hi @st93ct9u,

While it might be possible to make a POST request from an email by including some sort of <form> element, it’s not generally recommended (see this Stack Overflow post). Email clicks are already tracked in HubSpot (see below).


I appreciate the response, but I’m not trying to track clicks. I’m trying to get a real time notification of someone clicking a button in an email, and respond accordingly. Is there a way to do that using the hubspot framework? In the workflows there are triggers/web hooks. I want to do that in an email. Is this possible?


Hi @st93ct9u,

If the notification must be instant, then using HubSpot’s existing tracking probably isn’t ideal. Email stats (i.e. clicks) are updated within 5 minutes of interaction, so creating a workflow that enrolls contacts that click a certain link in an email could be a good solution here.


That’s exactly what we want to do. But I do not know how to create a workflow for an email click which was basically the original question.


Hi @st93ct9u,

You can create a workflow that enrolls contacts that click a certain link like this: