Is there an easy way to separate each property in the properties array



I am having fun trying to integrate an old Student Record system written in VS2008 (VB.NET) with HS.
I’ve got it updating HS contacts OK. I just need to workout the pulling back of data.

Is there an easy way to separate each property in the contacts properties array ?



@SueDonLtd The response format cannot be changed. You can however choose which properties you pull back if you are using the get all contacts endpoint.


Thanks for getting back.
I have noted the requesting of individual or group of properties and I have routine to grab “theVID” and the “properties object”. It is the decoding of a properties object I am having fun with. I need to pull individual values for a given property.
e.g. extract just the phone or firstname from a set of properties and their attributes.


@SueDonLtd Are you stuck pulling the firstname and phone?


In effect yes.
I can request the data and obtain the “properties object” contain the properties requested. It is understanding this object and being able to extract individual values e.g., firstname=ZZZZZ.


@SueDonLtd That all depends on which language you are using to parse the object. You just need to grab the value of the value property for each one. So firstname.value or email.value.

What language are you using?


As given in my first post VB.Net (VS2008)


Does read JSON? If not is there a library you can use to transform it into a object?


From .Net 3.5 there has been JSON libraries in Visual Studio.
You can also add the Newtownsoft libraries.

However, when I have tried using these with the “properties” string I get from HS it does not like the format.
An example is:
“firstname”: {
“value”: “DonTest01_Upd”
“lastmodifieddate”: {
“value”: “1487086970673”
“email”: {
“value”: ""
“lastname”: {
“value”: “Contact01”


@SueDonLtd I’m not well versed enough in to offer any advice on the best way to parse JSON. The problem seems to be with your syntax and not an issue with hitting a HubSpot API. Perhaps someone else here in the forum can lend a hand on which library would be best for you to use. We need to find a library that can parse through an array of json objects into a object.