Is there any way to perform trigger events when a contact inserted or updated?


Hi there,

I’d like to know is there any way to trigger events when a contact updated or new contact created. For example if a contact details updated in Hubspot contacts list then i have to send updated information to some other URL. Please let me know if there is a way to do that.


Hi @pandu

It is possible to send contact data for new contacts to an external system using webhooks in workflows:

If you create a workflow with the starting condition using the email property and set the filter to is known, any new contacts that have an email address will trigger the workflow.

We don’t currently have a way to get notifications for any changes to any contacts, but we are working on a new set of webhooks that will cover that that should be ready soon.


Hi @dadams

Thanks Dadams.
Is webhooks in workflows feature works for only new contact insertion or it can also works for contact updation?


We don’t have a way to trigger a workflow based on any updates to a contact, just specific updates to properties. Using the criteria email property is known works for new contacts because contacts require an email, so that property would always be known when a record is created.


Thank you @dadams for your help. Is there anyway to sync hubspot contacts list with some other list with other technology like interspire, etc.


That should be possible using the Contacts API. You can periodically poll the API to get contacts recently added to a list.


Thank you @dadams for your support and help. I’ll look into that.


Hello @dadams
I have created a webhook subscriptions for contact,company and deals. I have also configured the webhook Endpoint URL. I just wanted to know how can trigger the webhook when

  • Contact creations
  • Contact deletions
  • Contact property changes
  • Company creations
  • Company deletions
  • Company property changes
  • Deal creations
  • Deal deletions
  • Deal property changes

Thanks in advance.


@ajay.meht the webhooks sent through workflows, and webhooks created using the Webhooks API are completely separate from each other.

The triggers you listed are part of the new Webhooks API. The instructions for setting up subscriptions for those events are details on the Webhooks API Overview:

Alternatively, if you’re working with a portal that has a Professional or Enterprise Marketing subscription, you can also trigger webhooks as an action in workflows. Workflows allow for more customized rules for triggers, so you’d be able to trigger a workflow based on multiple criteria. More details for setting up workflows can be found in our Workflows User Guide.


Hello @dadams

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have successfully trigger the webhook ( when new contact created ) through workflow. But I am stuck in the other webhook triggers likes (when contact delete, company create, company delete, deal create, deal delete ). Would you please help me how to trigger these webhooks using workflow.


Hi @ajay.meht,

Those triggers would need to be done through the webhooks API, not workflows. They are supported out of the box, and you can find documentation on them here:

Hope that helps!


Hi @comptly,
Is it possible to send data using the Webhooks API or is it for notifications only?
Eg. can you use this to make a custom api call to an external server?


Iam retrieving the contact created in hubspot and i have pointed the webhook URL correctly but iam getting only empty array in post method, is there anything iam missing please help me to sort it out..