Is there any webhook for contact property value updation?


I am looking for a webhook that will trigger whenever there is any update in contact property value. Currently the API that is available in hubspot we need to set workflow under which we have only option to trigger webhook when contact property value is match with the value that we are setting a while creating this webhook so the webhook will run only when the contact property name values matches with the value we set in workflow. But I am looking for a kind of webhook that will trigger when there is any property name value is updated.

Is there any webhook for contact property value updation in hubspot?

Hi @web_123,

The webhook actions in the workflows tool can only be triggered based on workflow segment criteria. If you're looking to trigger a workflow based on a contact property being updated, you could use criteria similar to the following:

Contact property "Example property" is known

Using this criteria for enrollment and re-enrollment will allow contacts to be enrolled and re-enrolled whenever the contact property is updated.

If you're willing to explore other options outside of the workflows tool, you can also check out the Webhooks API, which allows you to subscribe to notifications based on contact creations, deletions, and/or property updates:


I have tried the above solution but it does not work for the existing contacts. I have also checked that it only work one time for new contacts which are created after creating workflow. If you have update the contact property second time then it do not work. Can you please provide me the solution and please let me know why it happens.


You have to change the re-enrollment in the enrollement triggers settings. Click on Change re-enrollment options and then check Allow contacts who meet the trigger criteria to re-enroll... and then the second sub-option checkbox.


Thanks for your response. But still i am facing the same issue. It only work one time for contacts. If you have update the contact property second time then it do not work.


Hi @web_123,

That should not be an issue if the re-enrollment criteria are set correctly. Can you send me a link to your workflow so that I can take a look?


This is the workflow link.


Hi @web_123,

Ah, I see. Thanks for sending the workflow along. The issue with that workflow is that the particular enrollment criteria you're trying to use isn't eligible to be used to automatically re-enroll contacts. There are a number of criteria that aren't eligible to be used to automatically re-enroll contacts; in this case, it's because the criteria involves the filter does not contain. This criteria has the potential to create a re-enrollment loop for a huge number of contacts, and is therefore disallowed. In your case, I'd recommend either finding an enrollment criteria that can be used for automatic re-enrollment, or using the Webhooks API discussed above.