Is there anyway to view workflows as a developer


im trying to write some stuff using the workflows API. but the workflows tab is locked

my clients account obviously has access to workflows, but i dont want to be testing on his live instance.

how do i get my test instance to be unlocked


Hi @thejacer87,

Test portals should have workflow access. Can you give me the Hub ID of the portal in question so that I can take a look?



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Hi @thejacer87,

That portal isn't a test portal; it appears to be a developer portal that also has access to other Marketing/CRM tools. You'll need to create a test portal from that portal's testing dashboard (here).

As a side note; most developer portals don't have other Marketing/CRM tools associated with them. Because of the way the new navigation works, you're not able to easily access that portal's dev tools. You can either access these tools by navigating to the direct URL, or you can create a new developer portal (here) and I can migrate your existing app over to the new portal.