Is there documentation for all properties associated with the Deals API?



I am having trouble located the correct name id for multiple properties in the Deals API. For example, to obtain the deal id value for a given deal, we would need to go to deals -> properties -> dealid -> value. To find the deal owner value, we would need to go to Deals API - Properties -> hubspot_owner_id -> value. Is there some sort of table or chart that shows every property available for the Deals API?


Hi, @aflack.

There isn't a list of all default deal properties in our documentation, but this information is available with one API call. You can get a full picture of all the deal properties, options, and meta data in your account by querying the Get all deal properties endpoint.

Once you know the internal name of the desired properties, you can pull all deals' values for those properties by using the Get all deals endpoint and using the properties for each property you want included. If you're just interested in getting the property values for a specific deal, you can query the Get a deal endpoint, which will return all deal properties with known values (you won't have to include a properties parameter in the request URL).

Let me know if I've misunderstood your question!


Thanks for your help Isaac! I'm all set.