Is tracking visitors in detail and request this tracking data from Hubspot API possible?


Hello there,

I look for an information which I could not find so far in this forum, API-description or hubspot wiki.
I want to analysis on my tracking data and therefore get all tracking data from hubspot api there is.

I would like to have for each person which gets to my website a complete history

  1. When they visited
  2. what concrete page
  3. with timestamp of page visit (or how long they stayed there).

I was able to find those information for contacts.

My concrete question: I would like to have this detailed information for normal visitors, who didn't make a form submission. Is there something like a "Visitors API". Or any other way to get detailed information on how normal visitors of my website click on pages and walk themselves through the website?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @acchustenloeser,

At this time, it is not possible to get granular browsing histories for anonymous visitors via an API. The prospects tool solves for a similar use case, but this data cannot be pulled from HubSpot.

For high-level browsing information, the Analytics API will be your best bet.