Issue connecting HubSpot + cdata



Hi all - Working on connecting our back end and HubSpot using the HubSpot + cdata integration but running into some roadblocks. We have been able to upload a single company and single contact but are finding the following issues below:

Inserting a company record and attaching the sales rep [I assume that is the Hubspot Owner field]. It appears to be a numeric (real) value. How can I get a list of all existing owners so I can attach the correct value when I insert the record?

Creating contacts, same thing, want to add the sales rep (assume its the Hubspot Owner field). When I try to add a second contact, it fails, so I am not sure what I need to include in my insert statement (using cdata HubSpot control) to add more than 1 contact per company.

We haven't gotten to pulling in prior deals yet but suspect we will run into a similar issue.

Thank you for any assistance possible. Until we can fix this...we are dead in the water!


Hi @Cory_Peterson,

If you're using an existing integration, your best bet is to contact the creators of the integration for support. I can help with questions related to the HubSpot API and the HubSpot software, but I don't have any insight into external platforms/connectors. If the issues you're running into are specific to the integration you're using, I'm not going to be much help.

That said, I'm happy to jump in if it turns out there's some HubSpot-related issue here. For starters, while I'm not familiar with the cdata integration, I can tell you that the Owners API is used to get a list of all existing owners: