Issue creating Test Portal



Since I have a developer account, I tried creating a Test Portal but I am getting this error.

Who should I contact about this? When I sent this email to they replied with a copy of my screenshot and nothing else (probably a bug with your email automation?) so I’m not sure if my email went through.


Hi @garvin

Can you send me the Hub ID of your developer portal so I can take a look at this?


Is the Hub ID sensitive information? How can I pm it to you?


You can message me (or anyone) by clicking my name to get the popup, then the message button in that popup.


I don’t see a message button @dadams


Sorry about that, I’ll message you and you can reply to that.


I am also seeing this message. Should I send you my Hub Id as well?


Are you looking at the test portal page in your developer portal? Or in one of your test portals? Only developer portals will have access to the developer tools (which includes creating and viewing the list of test portals) so you’ll need to make sure you’re in the right portal (you’ll see developer-portal- in the name when viewing all of your accounts).

If you’re in your developer portal and your still not seeing the list of test portals, send me your Hub ID and I can take a look.


Hey @garvin and @burriedu2 , this should be fixed now. There was a change we made that broke this page as well as the signup page.