Issue in Forms in COS


I have a Form

I would like to use this form in my custom module how can I render this form into my custom module.

Thank you


Hi @nagavalli,

Could you go into a little more detail about what issue you are running into? You should be able to take the code for your form and copy/paste that into a custom module which you can use on any page/template. If you have a link (even inside the app) where we could see the issue you are encountering, that would help us troubleshoot with you.




In our site, we have blogs and resources pages which are coming from Hubspot now we need a popup in every blog page based on the blog categories.
for this, I am using the custom module. please help me out I am facing this Issue from a couple of weeks.


Hi @nagavalli,

Thanks for the additional clarification. Could you send me a link to the custom module you are working on? I see you have several in your portal so I’m not sure exactly which one you are having trouble with.