Issue in syncing data to hubspot through form Api we are getting a 500 internal server response



the response we got from hubspot.

Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error - Read

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Reference #3.d5bbc217.1514748379.a09cffa

from hubspot support we got this article .500 Internal Error while creating task via API .

Here it is mentioned as a formatting issue .but for us data sync is happening .we are losing data randomly if it is formatting issue there would be no data sync .

we checked the rate limit .the rate limit response code is 429 as mentioned in the doc here but we are getting 500 internal error.

@skasinetz can you share what is the threshold for this bulk api. how many request this bulk api can handle and also can you share what kind of queue implementation you are using .is this a external queue how many no of records will normally get processed for every hits .so we can also use such kind of implementation.

Thank you @Derek_Gervais for past two days there was no errors.i checked in the system log. i hope the issue was fixed .we will have a buffer time i will check for another 2 more days .

We have not received any 500 internal errors.the issue has been fixed thanks @Derek_Gervais and Sarah from Hubspot support team for guiding us

please help in resolving the issue this occurs randomly but we are losing data in large numbers.


I have done a lot of working syncing HubSpot with other CRM systems. Frequently we run into 500 errors, bad gateway, rate limit, bad data, etc. To solve this, we built a queue for the updates. All updates go onto a queue and a batch job pulls and pushes data from HubSpot every 5 minutes. We made it easy to flag the error records and based on the error code, the record will either be retried or flagged and skipped.

Sorry if doesn’t address why you are getting the 500 error, but we don’t lose any data this way.



Hi @manoj_ramanan,

That reference ID looks like it came from our CDN provider’s security settings. We’ve made changes to this so that those particular errors shouldn’t be occurring anymore. Are you still seeing 500 errors with similar reference numbers now?