Issue to connect Bloom and HUbspot


Hi there,

I have an issue with my API key with Bloom.
I have the following message : Authorization failed: This hapikey (4a0e8e1b-c2e1-4c2b-bfb9-98636*******) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [contacts-lists-access, contacts-lists-read]).

I asked Bloom support and they told me everything is ok for them. See the message : I have checked your site and tested that with my test API and that worked

They asked me to see with you what is the problem.

Thanks for your help



I'm having the exact same problem... :frowning:


I posted this message 4 days ago and I don't have any return …. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Hi @Sandrine_Lassalle and @Alessandra_Strazzi,

It sounds like the Bloom integration requires access to the Contact Lists API (based on those scopes). This means that only Marketing Basic, Pro, or Enterprise portals will be able to install the Bloom integration. You'll need to reach out to Bloom for more information on the product tiers that they support, however.