Issue while authenticating between accounts




I am having two developer accounts. Please consider below scenario

Account1 Type:

Marketing- Enterprise
Sales- Free

Account2 Type:
Marketing- Enterprise
Sales- Free

I have added Account2 as a User in Account1 and hence in Account2 dashboard I could see the portal for Account1. Now when I create a connection to Account2, it shows me both hubIds and I am able to successfully create a connection to both of them.

In another scenario,

Marketing- Enterprise
Sales- Free

Sales- Free
(No Marketing)

When I do the same use-case ( i.e adding Account2 as user in Account1), even here I am able to see both hubId’s for me to create a connection but when I try to create a connection to Account1 hubId from Account2, I am getting "no permissions"error unless I give “Sales Administrator” privilege to Account2 in the User settings.

Is this because of Account2 being a Sales-Free account without Marketing option?
Does “Contacts” feature come under Marketing or Sales category?


@Venu_Bandaru Contacts comes under the CRM. I’m not sure I fully understand your scenario. How are you trying to make a connection to each portal(account)?


Hi Peter,

Thankyou for the reply. I am making a connection through OAuth2.0. Below is my sample url during making a connection:

Then I see the screen as below with all the accounts I can connect to

Here when I select the hub-Id for the marketing+sales account, connection is successful.
When I select hub-Id for the sales only account, I am shown an error “Uh oh! You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator.”.


@Venu_Bandaru Are they hubspot dev accounts or just accounts that you happen to name “dev” in them? A HubSpot Developer’s account wouldn’t have contacts in them. Does the sales account have the CRM(which is free) on it? Can you navigate to contacts? Are you an administrator on the sales only account?


I have created a hubspot developer account, went to the “Testing” option and created as shown in below image:

I am able to add contacts and access them.

Yes, the sales account has CRM in it. Below is what the account shows:

Yes, I can navigate to contacts.

In the sales only account, below highlighted are my permissions:

Now, as mentioned above, when hubspot asks choose an account and I click on the sales only account, I get the no permissions message. When I click on hub-Id for marketing+ sales account, it was successful. I am using “contacts” as my scope


@Venu_Bandaru What is the hubID of the portal you are having trouble with? I’ll see if I can log in and dig into it.


It is 2536660 (