Issue with Associated Deals API


Seems like the Associated Deals API does not return all the Deal data.. Specifying every property seems a bit meticulous..
Is there a thought about updating this API to return all the data? If i request an associated Deal, it sounds logical to return all the data, like Getting all Deals.


Hi @borisd9,

There aren't any plans to update this endpoint to include all deal data like the Get a deal endpoint. The Get associated deals endpoint is consistent with the Get all deals endpoint, which also uses the properties parameter.

If you would like to see such a feature implemented, however, feel free to post on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum.


Shame... because this forces me to make additional requests that will get me a step closer to the API rate limit.
We need some endpoint to request the Deals associated with a specific Contact, without making additional requests of getting the full Deals data.