Issue with Joining Contacts to Salesforce



We have our HubSpot and Salesforce data in our Redshift warehouse. When trying to join the data, currently the only way to join is using email address. This causes issues because in the warehouse, it seems contacts with the same email address are not merged, instead there are two (or more) contacts with the same email address and different vid values. When I log into HubSpot, I only see one contact per email address since email is the unique identifier in HubSpot (vid is the unique identifier in the warehouse). I see two solutions here:

  1. Add the Salesforce contact ID to HubSpot.

  2. Change how the consolidation works in the warehouse to use email address instead of vid, which would result in data loss but be analogous to how HubSpot works.

Has anyone had this issue in the past? How would you recommend proceeding? I am hesitant to change our consolidation and lose past data and don't know if it is possible to add the Salesforce Contact ID in HubSpot.


Hi @schneider610,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, is your HubSpot portal integrated with your Salesforce instance? If so, the Salesforce contact ID should already exist as a contact property in HubSpot.

Also, all HubSpot contacts can be uniquely identified by a vid; in the situations where a contact has multiple vids, the contact record still has a canonical-vid that can uniquely identify it. Can you give me your Hub ID and an example contact where you're seeing multiple vids for the same email address?