Issue with Rendering Tableau Data Viz


Hi Everybody! I’m new to this forum, and was forwarded here by Hubspot Tech Support.

I’m in the middle of transferring my blogs over to Hubspot, and am having trouble with an embedded data viz from Tableau… It is not rendering correctly in Hubspot.

Here is the current page (which I am trying to recreate in Hubspot): You’ll see that the graphic takes up the full body width, and has sufficient height to render fully.

Here is the way it looks is Hubspot:

For reference, the source code is provided by tableau here, under the “share” button at the bottom:!/vizhome/CADCAEHistoryTimeline/HistoryofCADCAECompanies

I do have to adjust the height of the script as given, so there is a small change I made:

Thanks to anybody who can help!

Jim Shaw


@fastwayjim Is the HS blog just on the staging directory now? Or are you just viewing it in the tool? Can you share with me a link to the blog in HS?


Thanks for the response!

I’m kind of a n00b, so I apologize if I don’t fully understand. I think it’s in the staging directory, as I have not published it yet. I am just looking at it within the editor. Not sure if this will work, but here’s the URL to that:

Tech Support did put the snippet in a published blog, and said that it rendered the same way, and that is when they forwarded me to this forum…


Ok, cool do you know who you were working with? Do you know which live post they placed it on/is it still live?

I’m going to need to see it live on the HubSpot platform. I can’t seem to get the preview working on the blog post above. Did you flip over all the DNS yet or is that going to happen after you make your full migration?


I was working with Takeaki Fujita, and he said ,“I pasted this into a custom HTML module onto a published blog post, but it still wouldn’t render correctly.”

I have not flipped the DNS over, I am still finalizing my blogs (I’m moving about 10 of them from HostMonster to HS). I plan to flip it over by the end of the month, but getting this viz working is critical. It’s my most successful blog by far, and I have a follow up blog coming out next, which will also have an embedded tableau data viz.


@fastwayjim do you have a ticket number by any chance? Or can you give me your website domain? That way I can ask him and see if I can pull some more info from him. I will need some examples(of it live) of it so i can present it to the right engineering team.


Ticket: 628896

Original blog:


@fastwayjim thanks for all the info. I just wanted to let you know that we discovered what the issue is and have opened up an internal bug/ticket for HubSpot to correctly handle the visual. Thanks for your patience, I’ll let you know when this issue has been resolved.


Sounds good. Thanks for your help, Peter!


@fastwayjim Can you try an reinsert the image and test it out? The bug has been resolved on our side and I’d like to make sure it works for you as well.


@pmanca - It definitely looks a lot better now! I’m able to get the full height to render (using a 6.5 coefficient), but the full width is not showing up, and as a result, the “Fullscreen” icon. This is the preferrd way to view the timeline, so I’d like to get it to show if possible.

Here’s my current site:

Here’s the Husbpot preview render:

Is there a way to make it wider? In general there is a lot of white space on either side of the blog text, how do I adjust this? Thanks!



did you connect direct data of hubspot from Tableau or did you used a data warehouse to store data from Hubspot then from tableau you connect to data warehouse?

I have a lot of problem when I connect data direct data of hubspot from Tableau. Hope you can suggest to me how to solved it

Thank you so much