Issues granting permissions. Incorrect role?




Our organization is developing an application that will allow our customers to grant us access to information in their HubSpot account for analytic purposes. Currently, we are only requesting access to "Contacts". Because we are still in development, we are using our own HubSpot account to test this OAuth authentication/authorization process as we build. Here are the defined scopes for the application we have so far:

I, as one of the users in our organization's HubSpot account, have attempted to authorize the granting of an access token from the account, but receive the message, "Uh oh! You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator."

Upon further investigation, it seems that I am an "Admin" on the account, although I am not the highest level account owner. Clearly, there is a missing permission, role, or access grant of some kind that is preventing me from moving forward with development. What do I require to complete this process? If it is a permission of some kind, what permission is necessary so I may contact the owner and request it?

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I solved this issue. Looks like I only had read permission on the Contacts in the account. If anyone else encounters, this make sure a super admin has given you full permission on Contacts before requesting authorization to use the Contacts API.