Issues with Integrations



I would appreciate some help with an issue that I've encountered recently.

I have two different free HubSpot portals, one which was created before the HubSpot upgrades, and one that was created afterwards.

For both of them I have created Apps, which have the same functioning principles: they create some Events (based on existing EventTypes) and update some Contacts information. The behaviour is the same up until a point for both portals, as everything is created correctly (according to the API calls).

The difference is obvious when clicking on a Contact for which an event was created. For the first portal, when I want to make a filter, I have no issues, as the Integrations tab is available, and I can choose my app. For the second one, things look completely different, as the Integrations tab is not available.

The problem is not just that I don't see the event in the Timeline of the user. In addition, when I want to create a workflow, the Events are not available as an option; it shows me that I do not have any events.

From where does this issue arise? Is it a matter of different configurations, or might it be something else?

Thank you for your help,


Hi @andreea.stan,

Can you send me the Hub ID of the second portal (where you can't see your app)? My first instinct would be that you app wasn't installed successfully in the second portal:


Hello Derek,

Yes, this is the ID of the Hub: 4674241.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @andreea.stan,

I see; thanks for sending that along. That portal is a Provider portal; these portals are intended for content creators to be able to add content to the HubSpot marketplace. While you can access contacts from these portals, they don't have the ability to install integrations. If you're trying to test your integration, I'd recommend creating a test portal (see below). If you're trying to do business, I'd recommend creating a separate (non-provider) portal so that you'll have proper access to the tools you need.


Thank you Derek.

Where can I find all the information on what types of portals are available?
I would need to use information provided by the integration in workflows, and I need to know in which types of portals I would be able to use the data like this.

Thanks again,


Hi @andreea.stan,

Provider portals are a very unique situation; under typical circumstances, I wouldn't expect an integration you create to run into provider portals in the wild. If your integration requires a portal to have access to the Workflows tool, then you only need to make sure you're requesting the automation scope. This ensures that portals without access to workflows will not be able to install your integration.