Issues with SPA page views and bounce rate



We are having issues with the integration of the HubSpot tracking code into the Single Page Application. The website is built on Angular.

Page views are not registering, and the bounce rate is very very high in HubSpot. The real bounce rate of the whole site in Google Analytics is below 30%.


We've tried a couple of implementations. Currently is direct in to the website. Previously we had it installed through Google Tag Manager.

Any help would be much appreciated!



Hi @GraemeM, this could be a couple of things. One could be a discrepancy between GA and HubSpot, but as your screenshot wasn't successfully attached, I can't see how high the bounce rate was. Can you please send over a link to the site so I can take a look and reupload your screenshot? In a single page application, you need to set the page path then track the page view on each new "page" of your single page application