Jira and hubspot ticket integration


Hey Hi,

I want to integrate all the HubSpot ticket to Jira can it is possible to do using API or any other method.


Must have scope TICKETS_READ

Hi @saurabh442,

There isn't currently a jira<->tickets integration; if you were to build one yourself, you'd need to take advantage of the new Tickets API, which is currently in developer preview:


Hi Derek,

I'm trying to integrate with using new tickets API but they have give us a certain response I'm also want to get the pipeline and status but they did not work.


Hi @saurabh442,

I think we have a number of different threads going now and it's somewhat confusing; if we're working in this thread, then I'll need more info on exactly what response you're getting. If we're working on the same issue in a different thread, feel free to ignore this one.