Jquery missing when embedding into wordpress site


First thing first, this site Authentication Login using Facebook is not working....

Here comes my issue:
I would like to integrate hubspot forms within my wordpress site, it all works fine I can submit the form and see the data from hubspot but there is only one problem with the callback function onFormReady() is not being executed due the jQuery is not present.

The error is: The onFormReady function in hbspt.forms.create requires jQuery. It was not run.

Eventhout I have enqued jquery from function.php and I can actually use jQuery for example withi the head script section works.

This is the hubspot code:

Any idea how would I be able to execute some code within onFormReady()?


Hi @lulzim_fazlija,

Can you send me a link to the page you're referring to so that I can take a look?


this is already fixed, but I have another issue. can you please check this thread: My wordpress site loads quite low after adding hubspot script