JSON form data not passing to HubSpot


I’m having trouble trying to get a demo request form on our G2 Crowd profile to pass its data to a HubSpot form.

I’ve mapped the G2 Crowd fields to their HubSpot equivalents and followed all the instructions on HubSpot Developers’ Submit Data to a Form page.

Test sends always tell me the server responded successfully, and I can see that the HubSpot form is registering submissions, but a contact is not created from them.

Here’s the sample output code G2 Crowd is sending to the HS form:

{"name":"Test User","industry":"Internet","numemployees":"2-10 employees","company":"Test Corp","email":"junk-7ad92f94@junk.com","phone":"555-555-5555","message":"Test user entered free text","firstname":"Test","lastname":"User","document_title":"Example Document Title","features_requested":"","title":"Test Title","website":"http://www.example.com","location":"Chicago, IL","user_action":"Downloaded a document","action_id":"document_download:Example Document Title","created_at":"2016-07-13T15:44:46.552Z"}

Any ideas as to why the HS form is not capturing any of the POST data sent from G2 Crowd?


Hey @Alex_Braun,

The forms API only accepts url encoded requests. Also make sure you are including the header content-type : application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

The forms API accepts all submissions, so regardless of whether a contact is created you will receive a 200.



Thanks! It looks like that worked.