Json node is missing child property


I’m calling update contact


My Array before it’s serialized looks like this

$packet = [
“properties” => [
“name” => “hubspot_owner_id”,
“value” => $ownerId

I’m calling a POST to /contacts/v1/contact/vid/$contactId/profile.

All my other API calls work fine. But I get this error when trying to change the owner.
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Json node is missing child property”,“correlationId”:“e2e2cf60-26ca-4637-b4c9-f38c58decf33”,“requestId”:“f4849578-770f-4e5b-ab73-e0b3afc3c035”}

Any idea what child element they are expecting for this?


Nevermind, it’s “property” value not “name” value


Yup, it’s a disaster how this API is designed.