Keep Customer name throughout the session


If i integrate customer service bot with my Website i already know which person is chatting with my bot with help of his login credentials of my website. So instead of asking name of the customer i proactively want to address him with his name. Please support on the same


Hi @Chakshu_Gupta, you should be able to use the HubSpot tracking code to track which visitor you're speaking with, then use bots to customize actions and have their conversations appear on your contact's timeline:


@Connor_Barley Can you please add the steps for this use case
in identify_visitor have some javascript funtion

so if i pass emailid to that function
hubspot bot will pick from contact token ?

var user = {} =""
//this is unique id we can give any right? why this is necessary = 1

var _hsq = window._hsq = window._hsq || ;

so in bot am setting first message bubble as
Hi, contact.firstname

the contact is already present in hubspot list

this will work for this use case ?