Keep seeing the vidOffset not decreasing in API call


Since last Monday I am seeing the vidOffset not decreasing after a while when pulling for new added users from a list or all users from a list. It decreases until a certain point than I keep receiving the same vidOffset. It was all working fine until Sunday. Any idea why?


Hi @zarrelli

Contact vids won’t necessarily be sequential, so seeing the number go up or down won’t necessarily mean anything.

Are you still seeing "has-more": true, in the response when the vid-offset stops changing? If that value is false, it would mean you’re at the end of the updates for that list.



the problem is exactly this: at a certain point I keep seeing the same
vidOffset, HasMore true and NextPage true, over and over.


@zarrelli can you send me the Hub ID and list ID you’re seeing this with?


@dadams Sent, thank you!


Any resolution to this issue? I’m seeing the same behavior, after the second page of count=100, the response seems to be the same thereafter, vidOffset is the same and the returned contacts are the same.



Well, nevermind. Didn’t check the actual text of the request and I was inadvertently reusing the previous vidOffset,