Klipfolio: get more than 100 hubspot contacts on a list


Hi, I’m in trouble because I’m trying to get all the contacts on a list, the Hubspot Api only gives me 100 contacts, and this is a big big problems. This is my URL: https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/lists/2463/contacts/all



The results of the get all contacts endpoint (the one you’re using) are paginated, meaning that you’ll only get 100 contacts at a time. In order to pull more, you’ll need to use the has-more field to determine if there are more contacts and the vid-offset field to pull the next page of contacts. This developer doc has more info on this:


Thanks for your answer, there is another way to get all contacts, without the pagination???



No, that’s not possible. For portals with a significant number of contacts, returning all of them in a single request would result in timeouts and/or huge response sizes.