Landing Page Events


I am looking for an API similar the email events API - but for landing pages.

I have looked through and haven’t been able to find anything.

Anything that would be similar to the email one but for Landing Pages would be super helpful.

Thank you.



Can you be more specific about the type of events you’re looking for? We don’t currently have APIs for page views or submissions.


Hi @dadams,

Are there plans to develop APIs to get page views or submissions for a contact? For example, if I make an API call out to Hubspot, I’d like to see what pages John Doe has looked on our website.



Nothing specific planned for this at the moment, but we’ll be reevaluating our analytics data and our APIs this coming year.


Dear @dadams

do you have any news regarding this feature?
If we are not able to get this data via API is it possible to have some automation analysis for this?
For example if user viewed page A, page B or page C he is user type X, and in case user viewed page D and E he is user type Y.

Kind regards


Hi guys, has their been any movement on whether hubspot would develop an api for getting landing pages / submitted form / clicked element events. Right now we have great visibility on email events using the email events api, but it would also be useful to get these other events in an api.