Last Meeting Booked inaccessible through contact API



Hi all,

I have noticed that the Last Meeting Booked property or ‘engagements_last_meeting_booked’ (Which is used by the meetings calendar to record when a user selects a time and date in the calendar) is still locked through the API and cannot be read or wrote to.

We use multiple calendars within our company and require this property to be accessible through the api so external code can check when a meeting has been booked and create a callback event.

I asked a similar question to this a year ago and I was told that this property would be unlocked soon and be available.

As a simple work around I created a property through the contacts API with the same date object type as the Last Meeting Booked property. I then created a workflow which listens to Last Meeting Booked and copies its value to this property.

But this custom property, created through the API, is also inaccessible.

So my question is: Is the last meetings book property still locked? Is there a way around this? Are custom properties created through the API also unreadable through the Contacts API? Or is it because both properties are of the same date type.

Thanks for any help you can provide,



Hi @ocarroll,

The ‘Last Meeting Booked’ property is locked because it’s set automatically when a meeting is booked with the contact using the meetings tool. As far as I am aware, there are no plans to allow this property to be changed through the UI or the API, since allowing that would eliminate the utility of this property.

Custom properties (like your custom date property) should be accessible via the API however; can you send me a link to the property you’re referring to in your HubSpot portal? Is it possible that the custom property was locked during creation?


Hi Derek,

Yeah I figured this was the case. Its a pity!

Heres a link to the property

Internal name ''last_meeting_booked_test"

Just to explain - we’re trying to create a basic callback; when a customer books a meeting the page holding the calendar iframe checks hubspot for a change in the ‘engagements_last_meeting_booked’ property. I think we’ll have to scrap all this though as the property is taking 1min+ to notify hubspot of the change in the property.

Failing all of this, is there any possible javascript workaround for this eg. the calendar iframe firing a msg or status to the or something similar in order to be grabbed by the page containing the iframe so we can detect when a booking has been made almost instantly.

Its a long shot, but worth asking.

Thanks for everything so far.



Hi Derek,

I just found out with some digging that the calendar fires post events to the so we know immediately when a booking was made; this makes my original question somewhat unnecessary now.

Thanks for everything!