Last Touch / First Touch Campaign fields and getting labels versus IDs


With these new fields, it looks like HubSpot has built a look up field that is pulling over from the Campaign module the names of the Campaigns and then dropping them in this field on a contact. However, when we pull out the Contacts these fields only show the internal IDs of the Campaigns. Is there any way to get at the proper names of the campaigns instead of the IDs?


Hi @Luke_Owen,

There isn't currently an API to pull campaign names. I'm not aware of plans to add this functionality, but I can understand your use case. If you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see and vote on.


Thanks Derek. Also, for what its worth, the mutual customer that I am working with tried a workaround using a Workflow in HubSpot to copy the value from these fields to just a standard single line text field but got the same result of the internal IDs. Will post to the IDEAs forum now.


Any one that wants to upvote my IDEA, head here: