Last updated field


I would like to create a field that says when HubSpot was last updated by our system, what was updated, which system was used to update it, etc. Unfortunately, I see no custom fields, and a similar topic says that unique fields are not currently supported.

What would be the best way to go about getting this data onto hubspot? My current best idea is to create custom properties for contacts or companies, and then create a customer or contact to hold the data.


Hi @Solution

What type of data are you updating in HubSpot? As you already mentioned, you could create custom properties for contacts and companies and store the details of your update in that property whenever you update one of those records.


As I said, Just the last time a data sync happened, what was updated (such as “customers” or “companies”), and if we end up using this with multiple systems, which system last updated it. It would pretty much be a last action taken, only specific between the systems of the company I work for and HubSpot. As for what data we are updating, it will be customer, contact, and company info so it doesn’t have to be manually synchronized.


HubSpot doesn’t have a general database system that could store general data for a portal, and while it would be possible to create a contact and custom properties to store that data, it’s normally something we recommend storing in the system actually doing that sync. Can you tell me more about why you’d want to store that in HubSpot?


Sorry about the delay in responding, I got loaned to another department. The reason is because the company I work for is very finicky about creating new columns and tables in our database, I have been able to convince them to make an exception.