Latency Issues w/Chinese Users


This question is from my developers, they are asking how to cache Hubspot tracking pixels for use with China. Currently we are experiencing high latency resulting in poor performance with our platform in China caused by The Great Firewall. Are there any solutions for doing this we know there is none for Google Analytics but was wondering if we could get help with HubSpot pixels?


Hi @Sourcengine,

I'm not particularly familiar with this topic, but I can say that (theoretically) HubSpot tracking should still function in China, though it's tough to say what is/is not blocked by the firewall without further testing. Caching isn't really an option with tracking pixels, since by design pulling the tracking pixel from the HubSpot servers is what allows the tracking to occur.

If you have someone in China running into these issues who is willing to help do some testing, you could have them reproduce the issue in their browser and grab a HAR file (see below) that we can investigate for issues.