Lead Partner unable to pass leads via hapi using posing URL




First time posting so apologies for any mistakes. I'm working with a lead partner who is attempting to post leads to our hubspot instance using the Hubspot API key. However, they keep getting a 401 error which indicates they are not authorized. I've verified that I'm giving them the right API key. He isn't able to get any more details for the error other than it being a 401 error.

Here is URL he is posting to: https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/contact/createOrUpdate/email/vlgtest123@wefightboredom.com/?hapikey= {API Key Redacted}

They are claiming to be posting the remaining information using JSON via this help file: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/contacts/create_or_update

Any immediate ideas on what might be causing the error or lack of permission on their end?


Bump...Anyone? Haven't seen any help on my question yet.


Hi @weberr90,

hapikeys have full access to all APIs that the portal is scoped for, so it's strange that they're getting a 401. Do you have an raw example error that they've gotten?


I wish I did. I asked the parter for that data, but they are not able to access that back-end system to see the full error report. I'm stumped as well since everything in the key should allow them to submit or extract information at will.


Hi @weberr90,

Hmm, that does make things tough. Maybe we can go a different route; can you direct message me the Hub ID of the portal they're making requests to, as well as the hapikey they're using (if you have access to it)? I'm wondering if they're using the wrong hapikey; occasionally people will get the developer hapikey from their developer portal and mistaken think that it will authorize requests to their production portal. For reference, I've included instructions on getting a hapikey for a Marketing/CRM portal below: