Limitiations with Deal API


We are running into a problem with the Deal APIs.

  1. We are unable to pull all deals that are associated with a contact
  2. In some cases we have no idea if the deal is a new deal or an existing deal since we have our own internal deal ids. What we would like to see is an updateOrCreateDeal APi similar to the contact APi but with the ability to use our own deal id.

This is a big problem for us considering we send many, many deals , both new and updates and do not store the HubSpot deal ID in a lookup table. Is there anyway for us to accomplish the two items above?


Hi @MarineMaxDave

We don’t currently have a way to get deals associated with a specific contact, but we’re working on a new set of APIs for this now and plan on releasing that soon.

Are all of your deals created in your system first, and then created in HubSpot? Or do some deals get created in HubSpot first? We don’t currently have any plans to add support for referencing deals by a custom field, so we normally recommend storing the HubSpot dealId in your system so that you don’t need to look up the ID each time, and if you’re creating all of the deals in your system and then creating them in HubSpot using the Deals API, you’d get the dealId in the response when creating a new deal.


All of our deals are created in our system first. We would really like to not have to store each deal id because we would have to then pull the deal from hubspot, check if any fields have changed and then update. Is there a place to request that an API be considered for implementation?

Is there any way to programmatically remove all of the deals currently in HubSpot so we can implement a system and push them back up?


Deals can be deleted through the API, but they’d need to be deleted one at a time, using the dealId for each deal:

Can you tell me more about your integration? Why would having our dealId change whether or not you’d need to check for updates in HubSpot before pushing updates to HubSpot from your system?

These forums are a good place for API feature requests, but posting the idea on allows other HubSpot users to vote on the idea as well.


The issue I am facing at the moment is knowing the deal ids for tens of thousands of deals. We were not storing them and I need to get rid of them to repopulate. How would I go about doing that? It just seems the contact APIs have all the features that the Deal APIs should have.



Has there been any update and/or release related to this yet?



It’s been almost a year now. Any update on these APIs?


Are there any news on this topic, @dadams ?


Hi all,

Be sure to check out our documentation first, especially for posts this old. It's possible to pull an object's associated deals using the following endpoint: