Limiting contact activities by type


As far as I can see, the only way to get to the form submissions for contacts is to use this query:

And then look through the form submission properties.

The trouble is that if the client does a 300,000 email blast which updates the LastModifiedDate of the contacts then you have to walk through all those records to get to the form submissions.

There must be a better way!


I still don’t have a response from anyone on this. Can someone please put me out of my misery and let me know whether a) this is the most useless API ever seen, or b) I am an idiot and there is a way to do what I need.

To reiterate: How do you get the latest form submissions by contacts without having to walk through thousands of records because something else caused the LastModifiedDate to be changed on 100s of 1000s of records (like an email blast or a HS system update)?


Hey @pbeedham,

That end point is intended to get updates on contacts and not the use case you are looking. At this time there isn’t a great way to just get form submissions from a portal.

Rather than look at LastModifiedDate, your best bet is to set up a webhook on the number of from submissions property then check the form submissions for those contacts.



Thanks for the quick response.

I still find it quite remarkable that HS refuse to make a simple change to the API to make it easy to get get form submission data. Some other suggestions I’ve seen including email notification scraping etc. it’s just bizarre.

Anyway I’ll throw out another suggestion to the many people with this same problem:

  1. Setup a HS workflow to add a Contact to a “Form submission” Contact List whenever a FS happens.
  2. Use the “Contact List” API to poll the FSL and get any new contacts (and obviously keep track of the last one you processed).
  3. For each new contact in the list, get the Contact properties using the API and find the “Form Submissions” data.

Boom! Problem solved. You’re welcome :slight_smile: